Get a Library Card

Register for a library card today to check out our vast selection of physical books, audiobooks, DVDs, or virtual eBooks and other online resources! Access digital media services anywhere you have internet using OverDrive and the Libby App, or the Hoopla App, where your library card unlocks hundreds of thousands of online books, audiobooks, graphic novels, movies, TV, music, and more.

Obtaining a Library Card

Library cards are available free of charge for all citizens, employees, and students of Montgomery County plus those in the surrounding area. In order to obtain a library card, a visitor must provide the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of current residence (piece of mail, utility bill, car insurance, etc.) dated in the past 30 days

Children under 14 may receive a library card at the discretion of a legal guardian.

Circulation Rules

  • Patrons are expected to have their library card with them when checking out library materials.
  • Patrons may check out three (3) items when first using their library card. Upon the return of the initial items, patrons may then check out up to forty (40) items on a library card.
  • Books are due back in two (2) weeks. Books can be renewed twice, for a total of six (6) weeks.
  • DVDs are due back in three (3) days. DVDs can be renewed twice, for a total of nine (9) days.
  • Renewals are not automatic; patrons must call the library or log in to their account to renew items.
  • There are limits on some material types. (Movies, items of the same series/author, etc.)

DVD Guidelines

  • Patron must be 18 years old or older to check out DVDs.
  • Four (4) DVDs of each category may be checked out at the same time:
  • Four (4) blue dots — G & PG rating
  • Four (4) red dots — PG-13, R, & NR rating
  • Four (4) white dots — Educational DVDs
  • Patron must show a library card to check out DVDs.
  • Patron must use their own library card to check out DVDs.

Lost, Missing, or Damaged Item Fees

  • The replacement cost for most hardback books is $20; paperback books are $10. (This cost covers the price of the book, plus materials used in the processing of the book.)
  • Lost DVDs will include the actual cost of replacing the DVD, plus $5 for processing materials.
  • There is a $5 charge for replacement of lost video and audiobook cases.
  • Patron will be given a receipt when paying for any lost item. If the lost item is returned within 30 days of payment, the library will refund money with proof of receipt.